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1991 Researcher and Editor – “Reversing the Flow:  Bay Area Guide to Corporate Philanthropy,”

First Edition, The Applied Research Center.

1996 Poet – “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Chile…” Poetry for the People, Anthology, June

Jordan ed.

2001 Poet – “Creation,” POOR Magazine.

2002 Poet – “Elegy for Steel, “HOW2: Women Writing Innovation, Online poetry journal. 

2002 Essayist – “Believing is Seeing,” Signs of Faith Christian Brothers International Journal,

2015 Poet - ”Finding Out Jane Doe Clung Tight,” Clockhouse, Volume 3.

2016 Featured Poet - Aspasiology Online Journal, September 2016, Gertrude,ed. 

2019 Poet – “Ramadan in Gaza,” Fight Evil with Poetry, Vol 1, Micah Bournes and Chris Campbel, eds.

2020 Contributor, Chapter 2,“Our Values, Our Biases, and Our Actions:  Can They Get Along?” Social 

Conscience and Responsiblity: Teaching the Common Good in Secondary Education, Jane E 

Bleasdale and Julie A. Sullivan, eds. 

2020 Author, “Brown: The Many Shades of Love,” children’s picture book, Cameron Press

2022 Author, "Black: The Many Wonders of My World," children's picture book, Cameron Press

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